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Art Crasher is the infant brain child of Hollie Martin. A love and curiosity for art and photography developed for her early on while shadowing her dad, a graphic artist. This allowed her to get her hands on art supplies and film at the age of three years old. During a 2009 trip to Havana, Cuba she began to see taking photos and making art as more than just a pastime. It was there while dodging street soccer games, coffeeshop tango dances and loud arguments about the revolution that she met a local bartender who gave her a glimpse of the underground art studios scattered around the city. Strangers welcomed her into their cigar smoke-filled homes and shared their work.
Art, photography and Couchsurfing led Hollie to take a leap of faith. In 2011 she sold all her furniture, unloaded her apartment and moved from Toronto to San Francisco. She arrived in SF with one suitcase and a sad-looking bank account. Nearly one year later, she is married (fell for her Couchsurfing host in SF) and has had the good fortune to have her work included in galleries across the United States. Her work has been featured in gallery shows in Los Angeles (1650 Gallery), New York (Waterfront Gallery), San Francisco (Arc Gallery), Portland (Black Box Gallery) and Atlanta (Billboard Project, October 2012).

Matt Pajamas is a contributing Art Crasher writer, photographer and lover of the absurd. He sometimes sets out to capture rare comedic moments alive on film during photo safari excursions away from his day to day life. He is almost always hungry and usually needs a haircut. “Are we there yet? Can I have a snack now?”

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